The company, founded by Mr. André Robitaille, began its operations in 1999. It was specializing mainly in the distribution of products for ground attack used on heavy machinery, such as teeth, adapters and blades which were installed on buckets of excavators or loaders.

In 2002, Mr. Robitaille formed a partnership with Serge Pilon who has both training and an extensive experience in business management. Their association will allow Robitaille Equipment Inc. , to achieve a significant growth.

Over the years, the company developed a new expertise, this time in the field of parts and snow equipment. The arrival of Mr. Bertrand Plamondon , first as a sales representative and then as an associate, will help to position the company in this niche.

Today, the company has a team of experienced sales representatives who distribute its products throughout the province of Quebec. These sales representatives are trained so as to correctly identify the needs of customers and thus recommend the best solutions. They work in collaboration with our in-house dynamic and effective team, which also has our customers satisfaction at heart.



Robitaille Equipment Inc. provides its customers throughout the province of Quebec and the Maritimes with wear parts for heavy machinery and parts and equipment for snow removal, all accompanied by quality service and technical support qualified by:


– A high level of knowledge allowing it to clearly identify the specific needs of its customers.

– Products with a competitive price / quality ratio.

– An efficient, courteous service adapted to everyone.

– Fast delivery that meets the needs of its customers.




Robitaille Equipment inc. is constantly on the lookout for improvement and opportunities in order to renew itself and aims to grow, remain competitive and be recognized as the leading supplier in the realization of projects of its customers.




– Respect for employees, customers and business partners

– Flexibility, versatility and mutual assistance

– Rigor in execution

– Efficiency, reliability and innovation

– Pleasant working atmosphere

– Competence of staff

– Integrity



  • Serge Pilon

  • Bertrand Plamondon

    Vice-president & Sales representative
  • Joanie Alain

  • Dany Beauregard

    Inside sales representative - Granby
  • Gaetan Boutet

    Sales representative
  • Ernest Boutin

    Sales representative
  • Carol Plamondon

    Inside sales representative
  • Eric Chantal

    Inside sales representative
  • Michel Ménard

    Inside sales representative
  • Mathieu Charest

    Sales representative
  • Patrick Demers

    Sales representative
  • Josée Deschenes

    Administration — DRL BEAUDOIN
  • Stéphane Demers

    Inside sales representative
  • Dino Gandolfo

    Inside sales representative — DRL BEAUDOIN
  • Guy Girard

    Sales representative
  • Marie-Eve Landry Poirier

  • Ghislain Landry

    Sales representative — DRL BEAUDOIN
  • Christian Létourneau

    Sales representative — DRL BEAUDOIN
  • Alain Laverdière

    Representative - Business Development
  • Gilles Lizotte

    Internal sales team - Saguenay
  • Martin Prévost

    Inside sales representative — DRL BEAUDOIN
  • Yanick Roy

    Inside sales representative